Fall 2010

End of Semester Time Management
The end of the semester puts pressure on TAs in many ways. In addition to your own research, your students feel pressure as finals approach, and thus they may demand more of your time and energy. However, the end of semester crunch can be made more bearable with...

Helping Students Prepare for the End of the Semester
The end of the semester can be a stressful time for both students and their teachers. Graduate student instructors who are themselves taking classes have to worry about finishing their own assignments even as they cope with anxious students and...

Want to know how your students see you?

Get your class videotaped.

The Master Faculty Observation Program
TAP has assembled a select group of outstanding faculty members who have volunteered to provide graduate students with the opportunity to observe their classes. The names, teaching schedules, and contact information of these veteran teachers are listed on our website. Earn a certificate by visiting three or more classes.

Using Office Hours Effectively
As the end of the semester approaches, TAs frequently find themselves balancing many competing demands. As students prepare for finals, TAs are often flooded with a higher volume of requests for office hours, study help, review sessions and the like. This comes on...

Making a Strong Start to a New Semester
The first few weeks of a semester usually set the pattern for the entire semester. Student quickly analyze a teacher's attitude and style and, based on their previous experience and current observations, make judgments about their own role in the class and decisions about their level of...

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